The cost of a website or mobile application varies depending upon various factors, just like the cost of a new mobile phone varies depending on the features. Though our website projects generally start in the $199 range for business websites and range upward depending on your unique requirements.

Our standard development process takes approximately 7-60 days to create. This time may vary from project to project.

Definitely Yes! Except for the Static Websites.

Yes, we would love to! All our plans come with 12 Months of free technical maintenance and support which can be extended after that at a minimum AMC cost.

Yes! Responsive designs are essential in various aspects today, All our websites always be mobile and various device friendly.

Every project starts with a 50% advance and the rest of the payment to be cleared after the project completion on our servers. This may vary in some cases as agreed.

Generally, You provide all the required content for your website, But if you want to outsource that content development part we can assist you as we have a team of experienced content writers.

You always have full control over this, We never bound you to host your website with us as long as you are comfortable, having said that we would be more than happy to offer our great cloud hosting services.

Definitely! We have various website development packages which will be in your budget, You may check our pricing here.

In each plan, we offer free technical support for 12 months after the development phase.

Yes, we have also seen a number of advertisements, where they say that they can build the websites for a much cheaper cost. But those companies or freelancers make use of fixed template designs to build websites and there will not be anything customized and it will just look like a website with chatter text and no SEO value. It would definitely be easy to find that it is a $99 website. Is this what you want your customers to feel? Consultation with AITS is always free and we are always here to help you take the right direction in your website development or custom requirements and we just might be able to prevent you from wasting thousands of dollars.

Never! We never outsource any project outside AITS, We have a sound team who is capable enough to deal with your project in-house.

Yes! We have a creative team of Graphic Designers who can supercharge your brand with unique graphics and logos, You may get details about it here.

SEO friendliness is a must! Each website that we develop is SEO Friendly, We include all the required META Tags, Schema Markup, proper .htaccess, robots, SEO-friendly URL Structure, and much more to make sure it complies with SEO practices.

We would love to! We have various packages for online marketing, you may check here.

Our support department is just a call away, You may always reach us over WhatsApp, Skype, Email, or simply by making a call.

You have full authority over your website from day 1, although we would always want you to be connected and associated with us, there is no obligation for the same, Whenever you decide to host your website yourself, You are free.

Everyone loves surprises but not in the case of pricing, Hence we keep everything transparent while finalizing the project, Once the deal is locked, you won’t see any surprises from us.

AITS is offering IT Services since 2012.

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