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Best ‘4’ principles of email campaigns designs



Are your email marketing strategies yielding the most outstanding possible results?

According to a new report by Venture Beat, the email has the highest ROI of any marketing medium accessible. However, if you aren’t optimizing your email campaigns for conversion, you risk losing out on crucial clicks, sales, and, eventually, money.

You’ll understand the four best fundamentals of high-performing email marketing by reading this tutorial. Plus, you’ll get a bunch of tools and resources to help you effortlessly design, high-converting email campaigns that bring in revenue.

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Principles of high-performing email campaigns marketing

You can send various email campaigns to drive conversions, such as announcement campaigns for introducing your latest product, newsletters summarising your current content, or invitation emails to an upcoming event, among other things.

Irrespective of the nature of the campaign, the primary purpose you want your subscribers to take is to click through from your email to the website you’ve decided to send them. The four concepts outlined below will help you create a high-performing campaign that will result in more people who click through your email to your target address.

Principle 1: Organize your campaign so that it is easy to read

According to studies, an adult’s attention span is eight seconds on average. You may presume that individuals are scrolling through your campaigns seeking something interesting rather than reading them word for word with such a short attention span.

As a result, sending out long, text-heavy email campaigns isn’t the ideal strategy. Structure your emails to entice recipients to read your content while also directing them to the email’s CTA.

Using the inverted pyramid model is an excellent approach to do this. The model’s emails have a short title highlighting the campaign’s central message and supporting information and pictures to persuade readers of the benefits of clicking-through. The reader is given a conspicuous call to action button that clearly states what they should do next.

Principle 2: Be relevant or be deleted

According to studies, email marketing to targeted groups with appropriate information can boost revenue by up to 760 per cent. Though it may look to be a large number, it is natural that someone who receives an email that appears to be relevant to them would be significantly more likely to open it. Your members could be male or female, from different countries, with other interests, or at various stages of the purchasing process for your goods. Instead of delivering a single campaign to everyone, split your lists and send just relevant offers and material to each segment separately.

Rip Curl, a global wetsuit company, recognizes the importance of relevancy and uses it effectively in its newsletters. Rip Curl sells both men’s and women’s wetsuits and bikinis, but they exclusively send them information about the latest men’s products in their email because they know who their male subscribers are.

If you’re a Campaign Monitor customer using Segments & Dynamic Content, you can easily make your campaigns relevant to every subscriber.

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Principle 3: Think of email as a brand extension.

Likely, your email campaigns aren’t your subscribers’ only interaction with your company. Your subscriber most likely came to your website or social media page specifically to sign up for your email.

As a result, it’s critical that the colours, typefaces, and branding you use across all of your other customer touchpoints remain consistent throughout your email marketing.

It ensures that your subscribers are aware that the campaign is from you and establishes a level of confidence and credibility in your campaign that reassures individuals that clicking through is safe. Nobody likes to open or interact with an email that appears to be from another country.

If you use Campaign Monitor, you can easily accomplish this using the drag-and-drop email builder.

Principle 4: Make your email look good no matter where it’s read.

It would be best to make it as simple as possible for your subscribers to click through from your email campaigns to encourage them to do so.

According to our findings, mobile devices account for 63% of all opens. If your campaigns aren’t optimized for all devices, you’re probably making it unnecessarily harsh for your subscribers to convert.

Any emails you generate in the drag-and-drop email builder are immediately responsive and guaranteed to look beautiful on all devices and in every mailbox for Campaign Monitor customers.

Resources for high-performing email campaigns

When developing high-converting email marketing campaigns, tools like Campaign Monitor’s drag-and-drop email builder make it simple to add text and photos, target particular segments of subscribers, and make sure they look beautiful on all devices.

But what about the initial creation of those images?

We wanted to give a few resources to help you create high-quality images and graphics to add to your email marketing campaigns to make them look unique and convert better. Most marketers don’t have developer experience or Photoshop skills.

Beautiful stock photo sites

Stock photography sites can help you find images for your email marketing campaigns.

In the sand, there are a few diamonds to be found:

Death to the Stock Photo: It is a monthly free subscription resource that allows 12-15 high-quality images to customers through email every couple of weeks.

Gratisography: This fantastic site provides free, downloadable photographs taken by photographers throughout their careers.

IM Creator: The free photos on this site are not originals; instead, they are a curated collection that has been clear for commercial usage.

Comprehensive icon libraries

Another excellent method to add visual flair to your ads is to use icons. There are many places to look for icons on the internet, but here are a few of our favourites:

The Noun Project – It is a group of people working on a project that will Consider The Noun Project to be a “Google for Icons.” Put in the type of icon you require, and the site will provide hundreds of results from which to chose.

Dry Icons: Dry Icons is an icon marketplace with over 5000 icons in 70 different icon sets. Many are available for free download, while others may set you back a few dollars.

Elegant Icons: Elegant Icon is a free icon set by Elegant Themes that includes 384 different icons.

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Email marketing is among the most effective advertising platforms accessible today. Still, if you’re not optimizing your email campaigns for conversion, you might be losing out on precious clicks, sales, and money. So, the next time you’re building an email marketing campaign, whether it’s a newsletter, a marketing offer, or an announcement, remember to use the four basics of a high-converting campaign to improve your business results.

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